We make
you grow.

As a leading reference in delivering cutting edge Microsoft Business Applications, we provide you with the Oxygen you need to grow.

A group of



Our aim is to be the leading reference for cutting edge Microsoft Business Applications. Quality is our priority, it's in everything we do. That is why we only create tools that deliver genuine added value. Built on a solid foundation and reinforced by extensive expertise, we give you the peace of mind you deserve. Because even in times of change, you can count on us to be a steady and trustworthy partner that ensures you have the oxygen you need to grow. Whether it’s as a customer, as a colleague, as a company that’s part of our group or as an entrepreneur. With our no-nonsense corporate culture and the significant support you receive from our full group, we make sure you reach your full potential.

The values we stand by

These core values support our clear vision and path to the future, they are our strength and our foundation. 

As a leading reference, we vouch for delivering quality solutions based on Microsoft Business Applications. Our customers can count on us time and again. We offer a knowledge center with the best experts, efficient and streamlined methodologies, and smart solutions that meet their needs and expectations.

We facilitate growth in all its forms. Our stable, robust structure provides a solid foundation and is the perfect breeding ground to help companies, partners, colleagues and customers. They can fulfil their own potential in comfort, confidence and security.

Our power resides in the strength of our companies and how they all come together. Because as a group, we build on individual strengths, and in addition look for ways to sharpen them together, our collective added value is greater than the sum of our parts.

In a world full of change, stakeholders are in increasing need of emotional 'unburdening' and peace of mind. The strong structure of our group offers companies, customers and colleagues the security they need to keep relying on respectful, high-quality cooperation.

We believe in an open corporate culture where honesty, trust and cooperation are key. We are more than just colleagues, and we can build on each other based on a strong foundation like in a close-knit family.