Qubix-Allnex Hero X

Allnex improves efficiency, reduces errors and improves visibility

Allnex is a leading manufacturer of industrial coating resins, adhesives, sealants and special coatings, for use on wood, metal, plastic and many other surfaces. Its headquarters are located in Belgium, Drogenbos.

The challenge

Allnex faced a major challenge in managing Capital investment requests for its various business units. Traditionally, the approval process for these requests was very manual and had a lot of complexity. This manual approach not only consumed a lot of time, but was also error-prone and difficult to gain oversight on the pending requests and their status.

Allnex recognised the need to automate and streamline this critical business process to improve efficiency, reduce errors and improve visibility into the status of investment requests.


The solution

Using predefined matrices, the complex approval flow follows the correct procedure for approval to the authorised persons. They receive automated notifications with relevant info about the pending approval requests so that a timely response can be made.

Automating this process saves time and effort and significantly reduces the error rate, and it keeps history of all requests and their changes. By using the Power Platform Component Framework (PCF), Qubix created a visual component so that users always have a clear overview of all pending requests and their status, for better follow-up.


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