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Vorsselmans scores high in terms of digitization

Vorsselmans Group is a leading specialist in aluminum windows and facades. They have been designing, installing and assembling top-quality windows and complex facade constructions for 40 years. Since 2007, they have been installing solar panels on industrial and residential buildings. 

The challenge

What happens when your company grows? What steps should the management of a company take to prepare for a "digital transformation"? 

Vorsselmans started with making a complete inventory of all possible Excel files, programs and apps circulating in the company, resulting in a very long list of tools. The conclusion was simple: inefficiency and loss of time throughout the organization. A modern ERP system had to change this and should serve as the backbone for further digitalization. Marc Vorsselmans, CEO, says that with such digitization comes a number of challenges, including the need for employee involvement and a strong belief among management that digital readiness is necessary to have the company ready for the future.


The solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the basis for further digitization, more specifically Astena's vertical solution for the construction industry, Business Central for Construction. Astena also provided the proven approach for managing the project. Marc Vorsselmans, CEO, and Rud Beyers, ERP manager, are satisfied with the improvement of their processes, the centralization of all information and a positive vibe among employees.


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